Get-Paid-To commonly known as GPT sites are the best way to earn money online without any investment. I can provide you the 5 best GPT sites in which you can earn easily 100$ to 150$ per month (6000-10000 INR).

You can make money in GPT sites by doing a survey, playing a game, watching videos, completing offers and performing the task, etc.

How GPT Sites Work ?

GPT sites earn money from their advertising space which they give to their advertisers.

Advertisers run their banners ads and text ads on GPT sites. If the GPT sites have more traffic on their site then they charge more to give their advertising space to the advertisers. Therefore they can earn money from advertisers and give to us after deducting their commission. 

There are many GPT sites in the online world but I give only 5 legitimate GPT sites in which you can earn a passive income daily. Following are the list of top 5 GPT sites:-

List of Top 5 Best GPT Sites

Top five

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very popular GPT site and you can earn money in Swagbucks by engaging in events you usually do on a weekly or daily basis like searching the web, watching a video, shopping, doing a survey, printing coupons, playing games, etc. You can get points in Swagbucks by performing one of these given tasks. The point you get after performing the task is called SB’s and One SB is equal to 1 cent.

The minimum withdrawal amount in Swagbucks is 25$ and you can take your withdrawal by using PayPal. You also get e-gift cards in Swagbucks and used your e-gift cards on Amazon, Starbucks, home depot, etc.

Join Swagbucks here

2. Cashcrate

It is one of the best GPT sites to earn money online and gives up to a 1.5$ signup bonus. You can earn money in Cashcrate by doing a survey, completing offers, doing the task, signup offers, site visiting, watching YouTube videos, etc.

Cashcrate gives up to 20% referral commission so if you refer your friends and relatives you can earn more in Cashcrate.

Join Cashcrate here

3. TreasureTrooper

It is one of the unique and highest-paid GPT sites in the online market. In TreasureTrooper you can earn 1-1.5$ by completing a survey and you will get 6-8 surveys daily. You can also make money in TreasureTrooper by using a TreasureTrooper’s search tool, filling forms, watching videos, etc.

It can provide you a good referral commission up to 20%.

You can also take cashback in TreasureTrooper if u purchased your product from the famous online retailers which are listed in Swagbucks.

When you have 20$ in your account you can make a payment request and get your payment by PayPal.

Join Treasuretrooper here

4. InstaGC

In instaGC you can earn gift cards and points for doing surveys, testing applications, shopping, surfing using the InstaGC search engine and you can convert your points into cash.

You can also get points in InstaGC by filling out Crowdflower tasks and joining in some websites and try their services and product for a given time period of one week.

You can earn 10% of your referral earning amount and if u refer anyone then immediately you can get 10 points if your referral verified their account.

Join instaGc here

5. EarnHoney

It is a very good and highest paying GPT site and it claims that it gives 45% of their earning to their participants. You can make money in EarnHoney by completing offers and by watching BuzzTV videos. BuzzTV includes humor videos, medical videos, and views daily ads to increase your balance.

You can also get points by playing puzzle games in EarnHoney and participating in an online survey. You can get 10% of your referral earning in EarnHoney.

Join EarnHoney here

So this is the list of 5 best GPT sites from which you can earn a decent income. I recommend you to join all the GPT sites mentioned above and timely take your withdraw and enjoy online earning.

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