The ways of making money also changed over time and there was no time to find a job after graduation and post-graduation. Now the time has changed, now a lot can be earned by staying at home. If you are one of those who do not want to do 9 to 5 jobs, then this article can change your life. In fact, the way the computer and the Internet have brought about revolutionary changes in our lives, in the same way, there have been many changes in the field of entertainment and information. Today, YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform in the world. While YouTube has changed the definition of infotainment, YouTube has also given millions of people the chance to earn money. Today, YouTube has become an excellent source of income. If you also want to earn on YouTube, know how to earn millions of dollars on YouTube.

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Let’s know how to earn money on YouTube-

1. How to earn money on YouTube

You must first create a channel on YouTube. Just like Google, you need to create and sign-in to an account on YouTube. You need to upload videos to this YouTube channel. You earn from these videos only. As the views on your videos increase, so does your income. Advertising and promotion on YouTube earn.

2. Proceed as follows: Start a channel on YouTube

If you want to earn on YouTube, the first step is to create a channel on YouTube. To do this, you must connect to YouTube with your Gmail ID. You have an account on the right side of the search bar. Here, the option “My channel” will appear, by clicking on it, you must give a unique name, which will be the name of your channel.

3. The description of the YouTube channel is also required

Now you need to write what the channel is about in the description of your YouTube channel. In the description, you can write about the type of videos that will be uploaded to the channel.

4. Download the video now on the YouTube channel

After starting the YouTube channel, it’s time to upload the video. There shouldn’t be any copied content in your video. The information you provide must be unique and at least 2 to 3 videos must be uploaded in a week.

5. Do these things while uploading videos to the YouTube channel

If you want to get maximum views on your video, you need to write the description of the video, in addition to going to the tagging section and inserting keywords. Your keywords should be as your video appears in the search.

6. Do this to earn on YouTube

This will not only earn by uploading videos to YouTube, but your earnings will also start when you apply for the YouTube monetization program. To request a monetization program from your YouTube channel, go to the left section of the channel, the monetization program option will appear here.

7. These conditions are for earning on YouTube

To apply for the monetization program, it is necessary to have at least 10,000 views on your channel. When you get 10,000 views, click the monetization option. After clicking, you will need to enter your email ID. After that, you will get approval. It takes two to three days to obtain approval.

8. What to do after getting approval

After getting approval for monetization, you need to enable monetization in each video.

9. You must do this for payment from YouTube

After obtaining approval for monetization, you will need to go to the Google AdSense website. You can update your bank details, address and other information by logging in here. YouTube only sends its first payment when you earn $ 100. Payment is made in Indian currency. Google sends a PIN code to your address for payment, Google only issues the payment after verifying it.

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